Bicycle World provides a wide selected of outdoor equipment and apparel to a wide selection of people in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Decorative Apparel

North Face Gallery

Stylish yet rugged protection at an affordable price

Southern Tide Gallery

Classically styled clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women.

Southern Marsh Gallery

Simple Southern Sun-wear for Simply Southern Lifestyles

YETI Cooler Gallery

Premium Coolers and Accessories built for the wild.

Trends and Friends

As a company, we feel a need to provide an environment where groups of people are able to shop for the things they need in order to enrich their lifestyles. We don’t call ourselves trend setters, but we do what we can to help friends find the things they need to do the things they do.

Equipment meets Excitement

Serving our Cyclers

Bicycle World sells bicycles and accessories for cruisers, riders, and slow-peddlers for those who aren’t necessarily racers or runners. We even have bikes for the little ones. Is there more a memorable time than teaching your child how to ride a bike? We’re traditionalists and we consider ourselves the endorsers of first rides.

Training on Terrain

Bicycle World is home to the Seyboro Cyclers of Goldsboro. For both the Seyboro Cyclers and all bicycle enthusiasts in our town, we repair their bikes, recommend the quality equipment and accessories in our store, and provide a place for fellow cyclists to take a break and get to know those they share the roads with.

For the Casual Dressers

At Bicycle World, simple styles are provided with a wide selection and a competitive price. Be a friend and let Bicycle World and The Outdoor Shoppe provide the needed equipment and accessories for both your style and lifestyle.

The Brands